Yet another year without the Dakar…

Last year, on myOpera blogs (and repeated here
( ‎)), I posted
something regarding the television coverage (rather the lack thereof) of one of
my favourite events, “The Dakar”.

This year unfortunately I can only echo those same comments.
It appears that nothing has been done to improve this situation. Although The
Dakar website mentions that there are two Canadian broadcasters, one
broadcaster does not have any Dakar coverage, the other has a couple of
mentions on the website,but as I do not have a subscription I cannot say if
they actually have TV coverage. Also mentioned is an American broadcaster
and likewise there is never a mention of the Dakar.

I had written to A.S.O. (Amaury Sports Organization who sponsor the Dakar) and to the English Canadian broacaster who is listed as carrying the Dakar without response.
Now in 2014 with the Dakar almost over I have just about given up hope of ever seeing any television coverage of the Dakar in Canada (perhaps North America) again.

When this first happened I went out and purchased an iPhone/iPod app so I’d not miss anything. It was not great I have never repeated the purchase. I am tired of clips on a choppy internet.

Also I am tired of writing to people who obviously do not care to ask why authorized broadcaster(s) are not carrying the event. To me it simply shows they do not want to promote the Dakar in Canada. (It strikes me as odd that these same folks make sure I get three weeks of Tour de France coverage, but not one hour of Dakar coverage. Do not get me wrong here, I do enjoy the Tour.)

I am beginning to think it is me an audience of one, preferring Formula 1 to NASCAR, Football or Rugby to NFL, Snooker to 8 Ball or 9 Ball… and My Dakar.


Driving on Square Tires

I was brought back to my childhood with that expression as we prepared to drive
home after New Year’s Day.
Never heard that expression before? Read on…

It was January 2nd and we had all our stuff packed up and ready for the drive
home. I got dressed and went out to try to start the car. It was -37 (-48 with
wind factored in, but who cares about wind) when I got up and now the guy on
the radio said the temperature had risen was a balmy -33.
The car sarted, and as we loaded up my sister-in-law said jokingly, “You’ll
be driving home on square tires today.”

As a youngster growing up in Northern Ontario I had heard this expression many
times from family, friends, neighbours and co-workers. It refers to the car
tires having an icy bottom from freezing to the ground below. That ice spot
creates a thumping noise as the tires rotate. It is almost as if your tires are
no longer round, having one flat edge.
I cannot say I noticed any extra noise but the driveway and roads were all
snow covered. There was no even pavement for the first several minutes of
driving. After that I guess any ice had worked its way off the tires as there
was no thumping.

Car, tires, my bride and I made the 300 Km drive without undue noise or incident.

What about you? Have you got an odd/funny expression like this?