Gone… before its time

It is unusual for me to toss something out that has not met its time (I have working computers from the 1990’s, I have had cars on which I’ve put on well over 400,000Km) but my barbeque went to the recyclers this morning.
It was only three years old 😦 but it had some issues that I was not in a position to be able to repair.

The major one was rust. Yes I could buy the parts and put them on myself but I had issues there too. When I contacted the Canadian distributor regarding the rust issue they were only too pleased to quote me prices for the parts. As I pressed for why it be rusting out after only three years, the customer service rep was telling me that ‘well it is old and you should be getting a new barbeque‘.
(Oddly enough my (10 year) old barbeque is just down the road as I gave it to a neighbour who could not afford one. He replaced the burner last year.)
The other major issue was the quality of construction of this unit. It was so poor that I was not willing to undertake any repairs on this product.

The fact that I paid zero dollars for this does not make me feel any better. It was won through a promotion at a local pub and at the time I thought it was a great thing. I checked it out at the store and it seemed like a good unit priced at $450.00. Only later did I realize what a piss-poor job of both design and manufacture this product was. For instance the front support bar was fastened to the legs with only one screw at each end resulting in it twisting out of alignment, becoming unstable and not allowing the doors to close. I was constantly having to tighten screws and bolts. The metal(?) heat shield seemed to be made of cardboard sprayed with metal paint. Not what I’d expect for something that is expected to protect the propane tank!

Now that I am shopping I have decided to stick to products manufactured here in Canada (we have some really good ones) or the U.S. (where they also make some quality products). I will have to pay a bit more but well worth it as the quality of parts and manufacture is far superior and Customer Service actually means Customer Service…

No names have been mentioned in the above post to protect the guilty.


10 thoughts on “Gone… before its time

  1. Forget the damned propane. You’ll blow yourself to Kingdom Come. A cop friend told me that those damned things are dangerous, and he ought to know because he’s the one they send out to pick up the pieces. Charcoal is good, especially if you can get “natural” charcoal. In the US, Weber is about the best you can get (kettle cookers), and at Rendezvous, I like the 18th-century “brazier”. I’ve got a specially-built one that is the equivalent of a double … it will take wood up to 16″ long.

    • Yes, I know.

      Several years back I hears an odd noise when I was BBQ’ing. I went into the house and turned my scanner. A few moments later the call came through to fire, ambulance and police. Propane BBQ exploded about a block away from my place…

      Having spent over 15 years involved with Health & Safety before at work I am familiar with propane and its dangers.

      I have not made a decision as yet. Not spending enough time at home to warrant spending money on anything. They all go on sale in the fall and I am hoping to catch a deal. Also I have not ruled out Charcoal as both my bride prefer the flavour.

      • Charcoal and/or wood … far superior to propane as far as flavour is concerned. Even briquettes are better, if you don’t use too much “gasoline” to light ’em.
        Here are some sources for some “primitive” cooking:

        http://www.dixiegun.com … Dixie Gun Works has ‘WAY more than guns (I know your Parliament is terrified of ordinary citizens having firearms; I’m not recommending these places for the purchase of guns.) Shop online (hard to do; the search engine isn’t very good) or pay $5 for a paper catalogue the size of a phone book.

        http://www.pantherprimitives.com … their specialty is rendezvous tents, but they have lots of other stuff. Download a PDF, or order a paper catalogue (paper is more fun).

        http://smilingfoxforgelic.com … good size online catalogue.

        http://www.smoke-fire.com … an Ohio outfit … nice little online catalogue, and they may have a paper catalogue.

        http://www.crazycrow.com … I just found this myself … they seem to have a lot of stuff.

        And of course there are the usual … Cabela’s, REI, and a Canadian equivalent of REI, can’t remember the name, but San knows it.

        I wish I could remember the name of the guy who made my oblong grill/brazier … he’s local, as I recall … Glen something. But a simple fire ring, either stones or forged iron, in combination with something to hold your cookware and food, would be just fine.

      • Many Thanks for your tips. I will spend some checking these out.

        We had been getting Cabela’s catalogue for over 40 years and it always stayed at the camp. Now I have a store right in town!

  2. I expect that puts you in Barrie, then … We have a Cabela’s near us, but it’s at an inconvenient distance, at least with my old car. My old gun club is up there, too, but I found that my new, more distant residence was prohibitive … after a day of being outdoors, I was sleepy, and that’s no time to be driving South for 1½ hours, at dusk. I realized that I had paid a year’s dues, and not been out once. I took the path of least expenditure and quit.

  3. You can’t always rely on a high price to guarantee the quality of a good. Man, I wish I had a garden big enough for a barbeque, a few friends and a few drinks. I have to make do with making Saturday night rib and whisky night with Gloria.

  4. Thanks for the link, great article.
    I do have one of the 60+ year old Coleman stoves. It does have a few new parts but still works well and does not leak fuel. Still get occasional use. Brings back memories…

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