For my dream reader – (Blogging 101 assignment)

The morning was crisp and sunny as I sat beside the patio doors. My wife and I
were enjoying our morning coffee. The radio plays in the background. We
are reading the news, chatting and enjoying the view. We are very lucky to have
no neighbours directly behind us. Just green space. Only half paying attention I
glanced outside.
The dusting of snow from last night lay across the ground like a freshly
laundered and pressed sheet. Up the slope the leafless trees were a sharp
contrast. Suddenly I noticed it in the trees. It is that elusive thing I keep my
eyes out for every winter. The effects of ice on trees or structures has
always fascinated me. Rarely however do I have a camera anywhere close (or am in
a position to use one). I gulped a bit of coffee and made my way up to the office
to grab my camera and came back down to get a shot of that ice veil before the
sun turned it to water vapour.
As I slid open the door I realized how cold it was (-20 something C.). Cool
enough to… (well you can imagine). Of course the screen door was frozen shut
and did not want to move but I didn’t want it interfering with my photo. After a
few moments of persuasion it saw reason and cooperated by sliding aside.


Another swig of coffee to warm me up I realized I could have got a better shot from the office window! I made my way back up to remove the window and screen and snap a few quick shots.


The old Point-and-Shoot does not give me the creative control I would like. Also I’ve just rebuilt my computer and have not yet installed The Gimp so there are no effects other than crop and resize.

There are times I drive for hours to a scenic place to take photos. This one was right here.



Something I learned a long time back:
Keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. One never knows where
that next interesting photo will come from.


2 thoughts on “For my dream reader – (Blogging 101 assignment)

    • Many Thanks… It has been a while but I am going to start up again in the near future. My muse seems to have taken an extended holiday leaving me with a dozen or so half finished and deleted attempts.
      I guess I will be going it alone, and perhaps on differing tracks to see where I am most comfortable.
      Thanks again!!

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