Musings of a Night Person

I am a “Night Person”. There, I have admitted to it.

At birth (or perhaps before) that great Timekeeper messed with my Body Clock. My mornings are everyone else’s evenings. Although I do get up (sometimes very early) it is not because I want to, but because of work I had (have) to. Also, there are times that this is the only moment to do a particular thing. To photograph the dawn in a fog, the mushroom in the morning dew, the deer at the back deck and many other things must be done at dawn or early morning. Also it seems to be the social norm (everyone else does it). My Bride is a Morning Person. Up, chipper and cheerful at the crack of dawn, ready and eager for something new and for whatever the day may hold. It is a wonder we have been able to tolerate each other for so many years.

I on other hand can function: breathe, stand, walk, read, write, chop wood, shovel snow and countless other chores one does in the morning. However I do them on auto-pilot. I know how to do these things. I prepare myself and muscle memory takes over. An Automaton until well after the mid-day meal I respond only to the pre-programmed items in my brain. There a lot of things I can do, but to be quite honest little of it is done with any zeal or with a fully conscious mind until well after 15:00 hrs.

It is only then that I begin the waking process. The Automaton Mode begins shut down and I begin the process and become more aware and awake. That is the time I can start doing things I want to be doing and doing them the way I want to do them. The few drams of creative juices I have start flowing, I get ideas for projects (photography, writing) or I start/continue/finish some existing project.

At that time the rest of the world (including the above mentioned Bride) seems to be shutting down closing their shutters and attempting to make it back to the cocoon of the home and bed.

From now until about dawn I am wanting (perhaps needing is a better word) to be doing, well something. All those things done in Automaton Mode I could be doing now and with gusto! With rest of the world around me going to bed I do not feel it is appropriate of me to start up the chain saw, lawn mower or even the sander to sharpen the kitchen knives and axes, or to shovel the stairs/driveway of snow, or even crank up my favourite album or music DVD. Too dark to do photography unless you are working in a darkroom.

We “Night People” (I am hoping there is another one out there!) are restricted in what we can do by the “9 to 5” society we live in. Our only options seem to be to either take up a job were ‘work’ is done at night or to move out of the tight urban environment and into a derelict factory or the countryside. There, at least, our neighbours who are trying to sleep are far enough away not be disturbed by us doing our chores at night.

Often I have wondered about “Why?” there are folks like me. No real answers come to mind. Perhaps it is just in the genes. I suppose back in the day there needed to be a few of the population who were required to guard the cave. Protecting the more vulnerable and the food stores would have been important to the survival of the ‘tribe’.

The best I can not to allow it to bother me. After all I have made it this far managing and coping with being a Night Person, I suppose I can make it another hundred and sixty years.  😉